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The Data Center is your one-stop shop for access to Butte and California GIS data.

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California Open Atlas is the Master's Project by Peter Hansen, student at California State University, Chico, Department of Geography and Planning

Peter envisioned COA to be a simple, web-based platform for users of all skill levels to access spatial data to assist them in their effort to gain an understanding of the surrounding environment.

COA catalogues many publically available, yet disparate datasets into one viewable platform. Data comes from numerous federal, state, and local agencies. It is built entirely on Open Source components and technologies, including GeoServer, OpenLayers, and ExtJS.

It was conceived to enable county and municipal governments to maintain modern web-based data and mapping portals at a significantly reduced cost to tax payers. The application takes advantage of free and Open Source technology to provide services which are often prohibitively expensive with traditional proprietary software.


Please contact peterzhansen at gmail dot com with questions or comments.

Many thanks to the CSU, Chico Geography Department, OpenGeo, and the community at GetSatisfaction:OpenGeo.

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